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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> it good morning our top story this morning which is
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the tragedy in conn. president obama traveled to the new town to town for the families of those killed at sandy hook elementary. yes as a part in an emotional memorial service for the victims last night. >> is yesterday his role for the committee here was comfort in chief for those who lost their family members inside sandy hook elementary school on friday. the nation continues to more lives lost in the connecticut school shooting. today the first filling will be funeral will be held for a six year-old jack cancer. on sunday more than 2000 people
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can call for a memorial service to remember the 26 lives cut short after authorities say 20 year-old adam lands of shot his way into sandy hook elementary and opened fire. >> we offer you our tears in our pain. our anger and our sorrow. >> president obama traveled to town where he met with the families and spoke at the service. >> what ever portion of sadness that we could share with you to these this heavy load we will gladly bear. >> the president raised a community for pulling together and said " more needs to be done to protect our children. >> to end this we must change. >> the gun law debate renewed. democratic senator dianne feinstein of california says that last month she plans on introducing a bill that
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will ban assault weapons. as far as the investigation goes we note investigators are still practice sayininvestig inside handy sandy hook elementary. >> we have more details on the shooting authorities say multiple 30 round magazines and hundreds of bullets were found at the connecticut school. that suggests that the gunman was planning an even more gruesome massacre but was stopped short. police say an atom lanza to handguns, but a glock 10 mm and asig sauer 9 mm and a
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bushmaster assault rifle. a shotgun was also found in the car he drove to the school. this is a photo of lands as mother and nancy lanza. authorities say lanza shot his mother in the head four times then drove to the elementary school with enough ammunition to kill every student. >> the first two of 22 rose for the small children will be held today. naoah pozner and jack pinto will be laid to rest this afternoon. the jack pinto was 68 use that in the your giants and receiver victor cruz. chris played yes crystal ball game with the boy's name
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written on his cleats and gloves and he has been in contact with the family. know what goes there was the eldest of the victims. just turning six last month described as a boy with lots of spirit. he has a twin sister who still hasn't told exactly how her brother died. all the children killed were six or seven years old. >> will tran and joins us live from el morocco elementary school in san francisco >> it will be interesting to see how many parents keep their children home from school. when this happened friday kids here as well as all over the bay area were in the classrooms. by the time west coast people found out about it kids were already in session. ed lee
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as traders had to go on heightened alert would security plans. they said they talk to the old with unified school district and during the day they have more security than your average school district. san francisco unified school district made he immediately talk to these and brazil police department to see what they needed to do, what they can do, and how quickly the response would be should something happen. we plan to talk to the parents as well as administrators when school starts in about an hour-and- a-half from now. it will be interesting to see how many people stay home today out of fear of what happened in conn. >> we will take a break from our coverage of the shooting. we will turn our attention to whether and come back to the news and a bit. we do have wet weather as you head to workers cool. let's find out how long that will last.
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>> all lot of it has already pushed its way south. the santa cruz mountains, the hazardous driving conditions along highway 17. just light rain in the bay area and you can see a around richmond san pablo light trade. it's kind of like a heavy mist out there. that is currently raining on the eastern side of these and the sale bridge last until about mid span. there also showers in the south bay in cupertino and portions of highway 1 01. timber is because of cloud cover it looks like a mild start to the morning. -- temperatures line i will show you where these temperatures are going and i will walk you through in my next report. >> a potential hot spot on 1 01 northbound direction. press reports of an accident at mattel ave. initial
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reports that more and more lines may be blocked. traffic is already starting to back up towards fair oaks avenue very if gamow's we will be back with more in just a minute, we are waiting for the news conference to get underway in conn. as we go to break here is an excerpt from president obama speech he delivered to the town. >> we get a year in memory of 20 beautiful children in six remarkable adults. they lost their lives in a school that could have been any school, and the quiet town full of good and decent people that could have been any town in america.
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>> monitoring this live shot out of newtown conn we are waiting for the latest information for the police press conference getting ready to go under way. this morning everyone continues asked the question why? we learn more about the shooter had on month lanza at 13 are for change. he did have a mild form of of some. people with gas burners are
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not normally by let.violiviolen police believe that he saw out officers and steps into a classroom and fired a hail of bullets and then step back and shot himself. >> today is expected to be the busiest day of the year for the postal service. the postal service as an estimated 655 million cards, letters and packages will be processed nationwide today. for those who still need to mail things out but want to skip the line, 24 hour self- service kiosk are available at several post office. >> 611 is the time and we'll
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be back in a couple of minutes. here is the approach to the bay bridge, you could see the raindrops and a little bit of puddling. it is chilly, and oakland is 56 degrees. we're looking for a high of 60 today.
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amount welcome back and 614 is the time.
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>> of it is cold, not as close as it was yesterday. expected measures to drop into the upper 20s. storm tracker 4 is now entering the showers in the bay area and there is light rain on the western end of these richmond san revell bridge. you will encounter wet roadways for interstate 880 had a closer to berkeley approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. there is light rain, mostly described as a heavy mess. a lot of the rain has pushed off of the coastline, and situated near palo alto. the bulk of the wet weather has pushed its way south. los gatos stretching down to south valley. as it is driving conditions on highway 17 is already a rough ride as a is. the green on this part of the map is darker which indicates more intense rain. we're also seeing light
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yellow on the screen which indicates moderate to heavy rain. future cast force shows most of the rate is out of our hair but we have the potential for lingering showers throughout the course of the day. we will see breaks of sunshine later on today. the main cold front pushes through a lot of cold air is associated with it on the back and. it will be another chilly one tonight, waking up tomorrow morning. also in another round of wet weather. we should be dried just in time for evening commute home but the weather wet weather will filter and through the bay area. we are in the mid '50s and so we will not gain much as we have been closer to two or three p m. there
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fill the 5760 degrees for oakland there is a winter. there is a winter weather advisory until 10:00 p.m. tonight. 7 day around the bay shows are unsettled weather will continue here in the bay area. when the possibility of rain every day except for wednesday. mainly sunny skies, a cold morning. rain returns the bay area by thursday and looks like we will see it steady. of rain lasting into the weekend. we have a lot of changes to talk about more in your forecast in just a bit. >> we have a hot spot developing in the south bay. mum view 1 01 in the northbound direction. this accident has are even pointed out and is at
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matilda ave. one lane of traffic is blocked. we have got reports that more than one line is blocked northbound. you did see it backing up the drive time just before fair road. it is not back to the guadalupe parkway but if it does it will be a super back up into down not town of san jose. we are watching is slower than usual ride for the east shore freeway this morning. interstate 80 in the westbound direction, a stall at gilman net is to back up the traffic. we are looking at a 21 minute drive time. your ride to the bridges of the meteor lights at been activated and the bay bridge. there's a 60 men drive time. the san mateo bridge is still very slow, but what conditions. drive times are 11 of 13 minutes. the golden gate ride, there
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was an accident but that quickly cleared. there is no backup. >> new this morning from severance as go police the whole invasion robbery around three this morning. sanders is on the 1600 block of scope will barred. three people injured at home and tide of the family rather them of many belongings people. the victims were not injured, it is unclear how many family members live in the home. the three suspects are being described as black male adults that were wearing masks. this emphasis the police department is asking the public for any help if you have any information that may be useful.
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(cheers & applause) >> that was the standing ovation for the first responders as they entered this auditorium. many of them have the grisly task of tending to friday's filing crime scene inside sandy hook elementary school. plenty of hot for police, firefighters and medics who were there to remember the victims. this this morning we remember the heroic efforts of one teacher, vicki soto who was shot and killed friday. her family is not surprised by what she did that day. >> it does not surprise anyone that knows her that she did this. >> the 27 year-old
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substitute teacher died while shielding her students from the shooter. they said she had her students had a behind her in a closet. >> and a time of tragedy bay area families are taking the time to appreciate moments that with their loved ones. parents say tragedies like this remind them about how grateful they are for the purchase of the moments with their kids. >> horrible tragedy that i cannot even imagine what those families are going through. to be with my family and enjoy time together i am really blessed and happy. >> what happened in conn really brings you back to what is important in life. family is really important life. our hearts go out to them. we chose to spend some time at the ice rink and be together during this holiday season. >> so appreciative that they have their own families. a lot of families are wearing blue in honor of the big thumbs. some local schools
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have already had candlelight vigils and gatherings to recognize and feel empathy for the victims. >> thousands in the bay area attended church yesterday to pray for those suffering from the treasury. many gathered at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco to reflect and focus on faith to help them deal with what has happened. many of those who attended the service now hope that they can find healing for themselves. a candle, wreath and ribbons have been set up to remember the 20 children in six adults who died in the shooting. >> we have word from the governor of connecticut a. >> we will go on, we will find strength. our ability to support one another and are great community. to all of us i extend my most
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profound condolences on behalf of all of these this is on what you have seen and what you have witnessed. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze.
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>> let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge as we are focused on the weather right now. you can take a look, the bridge is wet as you can see. and samoset is
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55 degrees. and we will gain three degrees for the high, 57 but then it will be called by 8:00 tonight. speaking of cold a powerful winter storm is wreaking havoc for people in washington state. authorities say unprepared drivers found themselves stranded over the weekend due to heavy snow, high winds and limited visibility. stenos diseases the preconditions have already caused the death of one driver. authorities say the roads were so bad that both directions of highway 90 that runs through seattle had to be shut down what crews worked to plow through the snow. >> in the bay area chevron officials say a replacement tide being installed at the richmond refinery will resist the type of corrosion that led to a blaze back in august. investigators with the u.s. chemical safety
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board had asked chevron to justify its decision to use a metal alloy pipes to replace the carbon steel pipe destroyed in the august 6th fire. the federal agency warns that the allied pullout pipes are prone to corrosion. chevron and says that is new pipe me is also in this industry and fire safety standards and would resist the type of corruption that cause the august fire. foul a couple of stories as we are waiting for the police to arrive and newtown with the latest information from friday's shooting. we are also watching wall street waiting for the opening bell. we will have more on what to expect on wall street this week as the kron4 morning news continues in just two minutes.
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among opening bell on wall street this monday. watching apple, what in the world is going on with apple? the
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stock went down another $19 a share on friday already down $1.53. trading just over the $5 mark. more on the market with rob black coming up at 645. we are tracking has spot in the south bay on >> there is a vehicle and involving to pick up trucks that collided northbound at matilda ave. it is really backing up the traffic here. from time to time more than one lane has been blocked and it has shoved the drive time which would normally be about 18 to 21 minutes to 45 minutes. this is solid stop and go traffic for 1 01 on the northbound side. it is early enough that you could use highway 85 as a means to get around it coming from interstate 280. if you're
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coming out of coyote valley that would be a better choice for you. >> also waking up to wet weather in the bay area. showers are still lingering here and there. let's get the latest on conditions with jackie sissel live at assets of this morning. the last we talked tv said the rain had kind of died down. is that the same? >> yes it is. it right until about 530 or so and then we started to see the rain dissipate out here. >> jackie i apologize we have to interrupt to the conference is starting now we will go to live. >> the lieutenant is going to deliver see you a message from the superintendent of schools. we will start with the schools right now.
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>> good morning and as you know the healing is still going on. the school is it working very closely with the faculty and need students and parents and trying to be respectful. we are trying to resume what normal soon see we can after the tragedy. we are trying to handle and addressed vast the needs of the students and the faculties. the plan is to try to rezone normal sea for school class as tomorrow except for those members at the sandy hook school. they will be excused until further notice. we are developing a plan to best handle that. >> thank you lieutenant. we will continue with the line
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of communication with the officers assigned to the families as we began in the services. additional troopers have been assigned to work each one of the funeral services with local officers and other police partners. we are again asking the media at the family's request to please respect their privacy as they go to this extremely difficult time. as i stated crime detectives have been working 24 hours a day since this tragedy occurred and will continue to do so indefinitely. they will continue to answer questions of the surrounding this a tragedy and how and why it occurred. they will continue to do this as i stated previously in cannot overstate they are many, many witnesses that need to be interviewed. we will not stop until we have interviewed every last one of them. we are holding both crime scenes, the school and the secondary crime scene
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and definitely. we have seized them under search warrants and we will hold those locations until we have completed our work until it is appropriate to let them go. to not read anything into that it is common practice to hold on to the crime scene for as long as it we can for investigatory purposes. we are processing the evidence we are analyzing the evidence. yesterday i use an example of the weaponry, every single facet of the weapons will be analyzed. every single round of ammunition will be examined for any kind of physical evidence. i alluded yesterday's to the volume of rounds for example. each singular round will be a covered. we'll continue to analyze every single piece
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and i cannot be tell the content of any evidence or what the evidence is for public consumption. i want to restate again, thank you for helping us in this but any threat, and the affirmation intended to mislead investigators in this case will in fact be completely and thoroughly investigated and appropriate prosecuted anyone attempts to threaten or mislead this investigation. there were a couple yesterday and those two are active criminal investigations. state police detectives have been assigned to investigate those as ancillary criminal cases if you well. crisis teams are still in place and the phone number again, there are many people in the town and the phone line is open to anyone, anyone who needs to discuss anything or
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needs support from professionals. this test staffing is from hayward hospital. the number is 2032704283. at this time i will entertain some questions. please keep in mind there are certain areas that we just cannot go down at this time. >> (inaudible) >> i am aware that situation in the town of ridgefield. of the lead local police department is handling that the tell. there is a report of a suspicious person that may be armed. we send the appropriate personnel in that direction. brazil is handling that situation. there have been no updates other than that. --
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richfield >> i you said your interviewing every witness. that obviously includes children, can you tell us how you are handling that? >> i can tell you that it is a tender, tender issue. any interviews done with the children will be done professionally and with their parents. the investigators will determine how win where and why we will do this. again, we have to handle this extremely delicate way. >> have any mental health or medical care professionals come forth and saying they were treating adam lanza? >> we would definitely encourage anyone that has any of rice and that will assist us in the investigation to come forward. we will go back to
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the date of birth and go through. we will answer every single question determining any kind of medical issue whatsoever which may have been involved. i am not at liberty to discuss the content or in the of the information so far uncovered. suffice to say, we will cover every facet. >> was their concern about adam lanza previous to this? >> we have been in discussions with his local police and there been no concerns prior to this tragic event. >> >> i can't do that, it is too difficult to discuss. i won't lie to you. i can tell you that the suspect forced
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his way into the school. as he began to take human life there and fight it simply don't want to end it is not appropriate for us to go any further with that. >> (inaudible) >> there a good question and the question is are we checking? the atf, fbi aid, local police are working with us and searching everything we can possibly on cover. as anyone had any contact with the suspect in any range or location, we want to talk to them if we have now reached them yet. >> you are trying to ascertain emprise and from the computer >> i can say that our computers crimes unit is working with a bunch of at the laboratory nonstop and sending any
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evidence that was seized at any location. how i'm not going to name anything that was seized but i'm just naming electronic devices. >> >> i can discuss the evidence, i'm sorry i cannot do that. >> out there are reports that there were two survivors? >> yes there were. two of those that were injured in the school had gunshot wounds and are recovering. they were adults. >> >> i don't have any information about what he was carrying on his person. i have no information about anything he was carrying. >> >> outside don't have that information, i'm not aware. >> (inaudile)
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>> again we are holding that school as a crime scene in definitely. i can't even tell you what that means. i do not know how long it will be, i am suspecting months. at that time is up to the top officials to decide what is appropriate for that facility. >> >> we provided the survivors of the same time do it that we provided all the other victims of this case. that is law enforcement escort if you will. investigators will speak with them when it is medically appropriate. they will set a great deal of light on this senseless tragedy. >> d. levy at wider
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intentions and inside the school and what was recorded? >> what is important is i cannot speculate about what would have occurred. that would be wrong on my part. i can tell you that the faculty and staff in that school did everything they possibly could to protect those children. responders got t school and the first team got in there as fast as they could. it broke our hearts that we could not save them all. there are the victims and the situation that are in the focus of our attention right now. >> will there be added police presence and an the other schools in this state? >> all of the local officials, many, many schools are showing law enforcement support and
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security. i must state very emphatically that it is not funny. it is not a joke. it is not acceptable for anyone to make any sort of inner threat or a statement relative to the security of the schools. respect what is it has occurred here and certainly we will do our best to secure the schools statewide. what i would like to do now is to you that i don't want to keep coming we will come here every day if it's necessary. i don't want to just come and say everything is under investigation. we'll probably be back around 12 noon or just before 12 noon if we can get here to give you any informations we have. we are going to start scaling back the briefings and put everything that is necessary in applicable suspicious investigation on our web site. we will talk
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about that at noon time but i wanted to give you a heads up because we believe that keeping you here is somewhat counterproductive. i will state again that pleased the families have requested privacy during the services. you folks have been great and i ask you to continue to do so. we will see you just before noon, thank you. >> state police in conn giving us the update on the latest friday from friday's shooting. >> we will take a break and be back in a couple of minutes.
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>> you are watching kron 4 urs bay area news channel. here are the top stories. chevron officials said a replacement pipe they installed at the richmond refinery will reset the type of corrosion that led to a blaze back in august. investigators with the u.s. chemical safety board has pressed chevron officials to justify their selection of pipe made with metal alloy to replace the carbon steel pipe that was destroyed and
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august 6th fire. police and oakland are arrested travaitrevek thomas frist adds n a cell phone from an unsuspecting bart brighter at the 12th street oakland city center bart station last tuesday. bart police arrested thomas at the paul street bart station shortly after the incident. you are looking at video taken from the three security cameras that caught thomas in the act. >> police and u.s. groups held a gun buyback program in the east bay just a day after the school shooting massacre. nearly 200 cars with guns in their trunks waited hours to turn in guns for cash saturday afternoon in oakland. for each gun turned in, the owner receive $200 for as many as three guns. >> in the wake of a deadly
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shooting in newtown, connecticut. thousands around the bay area attended church sunday in order to pray for those suffering from the tragedy. many of those who attended the service at new hope that they confined healing for themselves. a candle, reese and ribbons have been setup to remember the 20 children and six of those who have died in the shooting. >> those are our top stories. i am mark gannon. thank you for watching kron 4 urs 247 bay area news channel. >> it is 55 degrees currently. we will be right back with more of your weather.
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>> welcome back we continue to track a hot spot. we do have better news for 101 in the southbound direction. the lanes have now been cleared and the traffic is starting to move. the drive time was over 40 minutes has now dropped down to 21 minutes. the concerns were that the backup will merge with highway 187. it has not pushed back beyond the 11880 interchange. it is possible that this will clear out before the real commute gets started. >> interstate 80 westbound had an early stall and it was cleared. it left us with a 21 minute drive time for the east shore freeway.
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westbound 24 is beginning to slow and 680 is beginning to slow as the southbound direction at pleasant hill. the bay bridge toll plaza is looking at a backup westbound and it is reaching up to west grant ave. they have really slowed the marin lights. the drive time is over 20 minutes. >> the san mateo bridge has not said anything slowdown it is still that 11 to 30 minutes. the golden gate bridge drive is still ok. we're incident free through marin county. >> we will take it straight to storm tracker 4. we are picking up light rain. if you can see that are wrong vallejo they're picking up spotty showers. we have this thing off and on showers just slougand some of the
6:54 am
pleasanton. future cast for what should the timing of the rain and it would just linger for the rest of the morning. it will taper off as we go into afternoon. it is not too much. we have a 30% chance of showers. >> here is a look at your afternoon high and the bay area. it will be mostly cloudy conditions. we do have the possibility for an isolated showers letter on today. but the chance may be pretty slim. 59 degrees redwood city. wednesday we will see it with a mainly
6:55 am
sunny skies. the and levels could drop down to the low 20s. >>
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>> welcome back to kron 4 morning news. we are watching wall street. we are
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watching several developing stories. apple is down almost $2 a share. they're down to 5 0754. this is almost a $200 drop. coming up on kron 4 morning news we will have the following out of sandy hook middle school. we will have the latest information from connecticut. we will learn the latest about the shooter and we do have the first to funerals for two of the first graders. > look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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